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In The News

Welcome to Transport Investments, Inc., and thanks for visiting us. TII has grown to become one of the 75 largest carrier groups in the United States, and one of the 10 largest flatbed/ specialized carrier groups. While flatbed, stepdeck and specialized transportation is still our primary focus, our recent acquisition of the Jones Motor Group has added considerable diversity to our portfolio of equipment and service offerings. Thanks to their joining the TII Family of Companies, we’ve added more than 150 vans, reefers and Conestogas to the fleet, with more to come! Our website is loaded with information on our companies. Here are some things you may want to review:

  • Looking for general information on any of our companies? Just click on the specific logo to the right.
  • Would you like to see our available loads? The link to Available Freight is at the top of this screen, and will direct you to hundreds of loads. Once there, you will also see links for these options:
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  • Agent- Interested in learning more about becoming a commissioned agent for us? This is the place.
  • Carriers- if you are looking for information, or to get set up as an approved carrier, use the Carrier Network link.
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  • Contact- You can send a message to any specific department 24/7 by using the Contact Us link and selecting the appropriate department.
  • If you’re already a member of the TII Team, you also have access to TILT. This is our platform to match loads and trucks; view reports and account statements; and manage your business. It’s a dynamic set of tools that are only available to our agents, truck owners and drivers, and can be accessed by using the TILT link above, or to the left. If you’re not yet on the team and would like a demo, contact us to arrange that.

We understand that not all business can be handled via the Internet. We pride ourselves on prompt, courteous, effective customer service, and invite you to call us for assistance. We’re currently looking for high-quality individuals to join the TII companies as agents, contractors or broker partner-carriers. We’ve got a lot to offer and we’d love to have you on the team! Thinking of selling your carrier? Give us a chance to explore the possibility of adding your logo to our website as the newest member of TII.


Transport Investments, Inc. (“TII”) is a service company established in 1988 to serve as a holding company for companies already acquired by the principals and as a platform for future acquisitions and growth. The TII Family of Companies presently includes: American Transport, Inc.; American Wind Transport Group, LLC; ATI Trucking, Inc.; The Jones Motor Group; Greentree Transportation Company; Aetna Freight Lines, Inc.; TII Logistics, Inc.; Marathon Transport, Inc.; Fleet Solutions LLC; and InTransit LLC. TII is one of the most financially sound trucking groups in the United States.

TII’s mission is to accumulate a formidable group of companies representing best-in-class transportation and related operating entities, dedicated to serving the industrial and building materials and machinery industry segments of the United States economy.

The company’s investment strategy is simple. Larger companies (normally with gross revenues in excess of $15 million) will be operated as a separate subsidiary. Smaller acquisitions will be operated as a division of one of the existing subsidiaries. Traditionally, in any acquisition we attempt to protect and preserve what we define as the three “Ps” of any company’s culture: their policies, procedures and personnel. We are looking for companies with strong management, or successor management in place, a solid earnings performance and a reputation of honesty and integrity. Transportation is as much about relationships as it is about know-how, so TII seeks companies with a culture founded on the same business principles as those of the operating entities owned by TII.

In some instances carriers may desire to operate as an “agent” of one of our operating entities and realize the advantages of association with a larger carrier group including: access to additional equipment and sources of freight, reduction or elimination of insurance, interest, administration and overhead expenses and availability of funding for expansion.

The TII Family of Companies is one of the largest and most financially stable private trucking groups in the United States. Today, the TII Family ranks among the top 40 general commodities carriers and is listed as among the top 15 flatbed/specialized carriers in the United States.

To learn more, you may contact:

Douglas B. McAdams, President
Phone: (412) 788-8878
E-mail: dbmcadams@transportinvestments.com

The Transport Investments Family

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