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Welcome to Transport Investments, Inc. (“TII”)! We have grown to become one of the 75 largest carrier groups in the nation, serving a broad customer and industry base. Since flatbed, stepdeck, and specialized transportation has always been a primary focus, we evolved to become one of the ten largest flatbed/ specialized carrier groups in the United States. Through the TII family of companies, customers can access a diverse portfolio of talent and equipment (including vans, reefers, and Conestogas) and specialized service offerings (such as yard or project management, in-plant support and drive and tow away services). Here is a quick tutorial to our site:

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While we have proprietary technology, like TILT, not all business transactions can be conducted via the Internet. We pride ourselves on prompt, courteous and efficient customer service. Please call us for assistance.

Message from our CEO

Every day, the TII Family of Companies serve this great nation! Our fantastic group of employees, agents, owner-operators, and carriers help to keep the American economy moving by delivering products to plants, distribution centers, project sites, and ports. This position is an incredible calling; we honor those who make it all possible.

When the McAdams-Singer Group came together in 1988 to form Transport Investments, Inc. ("TII"), it was established to be a holding corporation for companies already acquired by the principals and to become a platform for future acquisitions and growth.

While many competitors strive to do business under one name, maintaining the legacy of the separate businesses is essential to our strategy. Our holdings now include Aetna Freight Lines, Inc.; American Transport, Inc.; American Wind Transport Group, LLC; ATI Trucking, LLC.; Fleet Solutions LLC; Greentree Transportation Company; Jones Motor Co., Inc.; Hotshot Express, Inc.; Jones Express, Inc.; TII Logistics, Inc.; Marathon Transport, Inc. and InTransit LLC.

TII's mission is to retain a formidable group of companies representing best-in-class transportation, founded on sound business principles.

As these companies forge forward, our guiding principles are simple: (a) care genuinely about the people that depend on us; (b) work together to solve complex problems; (c) do the right things and the right results will come.

Thank you for your interest. If you want to learn more, please see the company contact information included on this site.

R. Bruce McAdams, President

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The TII Family of Companies is using Transflo Velocity. 

Please inform carriers that from August 15, 2018 onward we will be using Transflo Velocity to allow faster and easier delivery of documents.


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